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Commentator’s foreword
miroshnichenko01Grandmaster Eugeny Miroshnichenko will bring you the post-game analyses daily. Meet our commentator:

Welcome to round one of WWCT in Mardin! I’m a bit too late with this foreword - the clocks have been started already and the first round is in progress while you’re reading this text, so I’ll just drop a few words concerning today’s matches.

Top seeded China is a clear favorite against young ambitious Turkish team, but that will not be an easy walk for Chinese.

Georgia vs. South Africa and Armenia vs. Greece looks like a comfortable warm-up for experienced Caucasian teams, so there will be no surprise if they are going to win.

Russian constellation of chess stars meets Vietnam - once again, while being a clear favorite, Russia will need to work hard in order to get two points. I’m sure Vietnamese Team is going to upset one of the ELO leaders during the tournament.

And finally, Ukraine vs. India - that is no doubt a match of the day. Perhaps, Ukraine is a bit more experienced as a team, but Indian team is higher rated and lead by Vice World Champion, so the only thing I can predict - that’s going to be a big fight on every board! So, once again, welcome to the round one and do not forget to watch the most exciting, dramatic and simply strong-played games in my evening report.

Yours, Miro


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