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pdf Tournament Regulation - pdf General Regulation

1.        INVITATION
The Government of Turkey and the Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) with the patronage and support of the Governorship of Mardin, have the honor to announce the 2011 Women’s World Chess Team Championship in Mardin, Turkey. The event will be held from 17th December 2011 (arrival) to 28th December 2011 (Departure).     
2.1 Federations
According to FIDE Regulations D.08. 1.6.2., the following Federations are entitled to send a team:
Continental Champions: Algeria, Peru, Ukraine, Vietnam
5 Qualifiers from Olympiad: Russia, China, Georgia, Cuba, United States of America
The team representing the hosting Federation: Turkey
2.2 Composition of teams 
4 players + 1 reserve = 5 (including captain)
1 head of delegation representing Federation 
Total - 6 persons
2.3 Expenses 
Travelling & accommodation costs: participating Federations.
The participating Federations shall make use of the official hotel(s) designated by the organizing Federation.

2.4 Players'Obligations:
  • All players are obliged to participate opening and closing ceremony. Otherwise, honorarium will not be paid.
  • Tournament will be played according to zero tolerance rule which is valid following the1st July 2009.
  • All federations participating accept that they will comply fully with these regulations
3.        VENUE
3.1 The players will be hosted in Mardin, Turkey in the Erdoba Elegance Hotel (5 stars). The tournament Hall will be at the same hotel. 
4.1 The federations mentioned above are obliged to send their list of players and the name of captain by 15th November 2011 to the Organizer.
4.2      Every Federation that has entered must notify the following details to the administrator:
  • name of the chief of delegation;
  • name of the team captain;
  • name of each team member (one first name in full, initial of additional first names, surname);
  • FIDE ratings of team members (according to the most recent FIDE rating list);                                   any information required in connection with visas.
4.3      TRAVEL DETAILS. The venue is the Erdoba Elegance Hotel (*****) in Mardin. The venue is 95 km south of Diyarbakır Airport. On the following web sites you may get more information for domestic flights in Turkey and you may make online registrations. We propose to our guests to book with Turkish Airlines, and arrive via Istanbul.      
4.4   Each federation is responsible to cover their own travelling expenses to Diyarbakır Airport. Transportation takes 1 hours from Diyarbakır Airport to the Hotel in Mardin buy bus. Transfer cost is 70,00 € both way (airpot-hotel-airport).
5.        PAYMENT

Bank Name           : Turkiye Is Bankasi
Branch Name       : Ankara
Address                :    Fevzipasa Mah. Sehit Yasar Akansel  Sok. No:3   Kat:6 Ulus - Ankara /TURKEY
Account Holder    : Turkiye Satranc Federasyonu
IBAN Euro             : TR500006400000242003881023

All bank commissions should be paid by sender, although even if it is paid by the sender, there is usually a transfer cost on Turkish side (18 € (Euros) for each transfer), this will be charged to sender.
5.2.     As soon as the payment transfer is confirmed, the organizing committee will send to the respective chess Federation the confirmation of the hotel reservations. Also all confirmed registrations will be declared on the official web site, where Federations may check their participants’ situation on a daily basis.
6.1      Full Board accommodation will be offered in the hotels in Mardin booked by the organizing committee. In the hotel there will be free wireless connection in the lobby and rooms to all participants.

6.2    The accommodation charges must be paid in advance. The payment will be done only in Euros.

6.3    All accommodation cost will be paid for 11 nights as a total package whoever will be coming on the 17th December and leaving on the 28th December 2011.              
If someone comes later or leaves earlier, they will pay also this cost as a total cost. If any participants will be arriving earlier or leaving later they will pay the difference of the nights mentioned below.

ERDOBA ELEGANCE HOTEL 5 stars (11 nights)

Double room        40 €/ day per person,          440€ + 70€ (transfer)=   510,00 € total minimum
Single room          60 €/ day per person,         660€ + 70€ (transfer)=   730,00 € total minimum

ERDOBA ELEGANCE HOTEL 5 stars (11 nights)

Extra players and participants from every country should pay below price for accommodation

Triple room          60 €/ day per person           825€ + 70€ (transfer)=      895,00 € total minimum
Double room        90 €/ day per person,          990€ + 70€ (transfer)=   1.060,00 € total minimum
Single room        120 €/ day per person,        1320€ + 70€ (transfer)=   1.390,00 € total minimum

Rooms will be booked on the principle of FCFS (First Come First Served).All participants are obliged to stay in Official Hotels and bookings must be via Turkish Chess Federation.
7.1      Laws of Chess: 
The general FIDE laws shall be applied with their supplements and interpretations as laid down by the FIDE Rules Commission. The following specific regulations for the World Team Championship for Women will also be in force.
7.2      System of play: 
The contest will be run on an all-play-all basis; each team shall play one match against every other team.
7.2      Time control:
The time limit is 40 moves in 90 minutes, then 30 minutes for the rest of the game. An increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move 1, will be added after each move. The games shall be played using FIDE approved electronic clocks.
7.3       Scoring:
Each team`s place in the order of classification will be decided by the number of match points it has scored (won match = 2 points, drawn match = 1 point).
7.3.A If any teams finish with equal match points, the tie shall be resolved as follows:
  • by total game points (each individual win = 1 point, each individual draw = half point);
  • if a tie again results, the scores obtained by the tying teams against each other will decide;
  • if a tie again results, then Berger system will be used;
  • if a tie again results, it shall be decided by board count (Berlin System) as follows:
    a win on Board 1 4 points
    a win on Board 2 3 points
    a win on Board 3 2 points
    a win on Board 4 1 point 
    In case of drawn games these points are shared.
    If the board-count results in no victory for either side then the board points of Board 4 are cancelled and so on upwards until the tie is broken.
  • if a tie still results between teams in contention for medals, these teams shall play a match against each other at a fast time-rate (15 minutes per player for the entire game);
  • if this match is undecisive, lots shall be drawn.
7.4       Trophy:
The winning team in the World Chess Team Championship for Women shall receive a special trophy.
7.4       Medals:
Every member of the winning team (players, reserve and captain) shall receive a gold medal. Similarly, the team finishing second shall receive silver medals and team in third place bronze medals.


17 December Saturday

Technical Meeting

18 December Sunday


Opening Ceremony


Round 1


Round 2

19 December Monday


Round 3

20 December Tuesday


Round 4

21 December Wednesday


Round 5

22 December Thursday


Free Day

23 December Friday

Round 6

24 December Saturday


Round 7

25 December Sunday


Round 8

26 December Monday


Round 9

27 December Tuesday


Closing Ceremony



28 December Wednesday

All journalists who wish to participate in the event may contact the organizers and should be accredited. The press room will have ADSL internet connection as well as other facilities.
10.     STANDS
Anyone who wishes to rent a promotional stand on location should contact the organisers for rental conditions. No one will be allowed any promotional space (except FIDE and Continental Unions) or to have a stand for merchandise or other services, without approval of the TCF.
11.1    The Federations or players who need assistance with their visas are asked to contact the Organizing Committee before 15th November 2011.
11.2    The Tournament Director will supply official letters of invitation only after all the payments are effected (registration and accommodation fees for every member of the delegation).
In December, the weather of Mardin is cold and around -10 /+10º C, however there may be snow during this time.
The standard voltage in Turkey is 220 Volts.  The plugs used for appliances are twin round plug. 
14.1  Players assigned to the same board number in their respective team lists will be in competition with each other for an individual board prize (in money or goods). For the purpose of this award, the players` percentage scores from their games will be compared. Only the following will be eligible for board prizes:
Players numbered 1-4 who take part in at least 60% of the rounds;
Players numbered 5 who take part in at least 50% of the rounds.

14.2   Total 7,500 € (Euro) prize fund shall be divided between as follows;
  • Each Board 1st  place: 750
  • Each Board 2nd place: 500
  • Each Board 3rd place:  250 € 
19.1      The prize fund and stipends shall be paid by the organizer at or before the closing ceremony.

19.2      FIDE and the Organiser shall not be responsible if any national tax has to be deducted from the prize money or for any tax obligation of the participants in their respective countries. 
 19.3     At any time in the course of the application of these regulations, any grounds that are not covered or any unforeseen event shall be referred to the FIDE President for final decision.

The Director of Tournament: Mr. Cengiz İNCE
Phone : (+90)  309 75 94 / 120  Fax : (+90)  312 310 96 20
Mobile phone : (+90)  530 640 05 44
E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
All Federations listed above are responsible to sent their player information and details with itinerary to the Tournament Director.
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