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Pre-match review of the round 2
miroshnichenko01I’m glad to welcome you to the round two of WWCT. Today’s round I expect to be less predictable compared to the previous one, so let us just check the paring briefly :

Ukraine vs. Russia is going to be an epic fight with Russians being slight favorites I would say.

Greece against Vietnam - even chances for both teams if Greece is going to play with the best line-up they’ve got.

Georgia vs. Armenia is another pretty close match. Georgia is higher rated, but we know already what “Armenian team-spirit” means, so I don’t expect a comfortable win for Georgians and rather would say - that will be unclear till the last move of the last game.

China vs. RSA - first against last according to average ELO, so it looks clear about two match points to go to Chinese, but still we may see some surprises on one of the boards.

And last but not least - India vs. Turkey. Turkish players already showed there uncompromised mood to fight, being very close to drew China in round 1, so I wonder if they can continue to bring more sensations. Follow the games online and remember - there are no boring games in women chess!

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