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Pre-match review of the round 3
miroshnichenko01Welcome to the third round! It’s going to be tense today!

Turkey is playing Ukraine. Both teams could be disappointed with yesterday’s result, so it’s time to show a fighting spirit. Ukraine looks clear favorite, but if something goes wrong for them - who knows, maybe Turkey will score first match points today.

Russia is going to try hard against Greece in order to squeeze as much board points as they can.

Vietnam vs. Georgia - that would not be that easy for the leaders, Vietnamese already showed us they can be really dangerous.

For the first time in the tournament China will face a really tough opponent - Armenian team. Still, chances of the Chinese are looking preferable.

Indian team is playing South Africa, and while I don’t expect a lot of trouble for Indians lets check if they will manage to leave the girls from RSA without a single board point after this match.

Let me remind you once again - there are no boring games in women chess, so follow us online!

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