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The head of Russian delegation: Organization is at a very high level
strutinskayaGalina Strutinskaya, the head of Russian delegation, world chess champion among veterans, answered Anna Burtasova a few questions about the championship.

Galina Nikolaevna, you have been to many world women’s team championships. How do you rate the organization of the championship in Mardin?

Organization is at a very high level. The first two championships in Yekaterinburg and Ninbo were conducted very well, and I can say that this level is maintained here in Mardin. Russians have not faced any problems, and we see that the organizers are working very hard. Someone might think that this was a troubled region, but the event goes without any problems!

Would you go to the excursion on the free day?

Of course. But we go even on the playing days. Every morning at 10 o'clock a minibus departs from the hotel. Usually a few players who are free from the game and other members of the delegations join the tour. I went twice, and on the second day the bus was full. The old architecture of Mardin is very interesting; today we also went to the museum. For us it is a new, unusual place – we like it. Organizers are making their best - there are many guides that tell us about the city.

Can you estimate the strength of the championship and determine the circle of favorites?

The circle of favorites is always defined, would 10 as here or more teams participate, - these are Russia, China, Ukraine and Georgia; and these teams always come to compete. Unfortunately, a very interesting team of Poland is not here, as well as the U.S. team has not arrived; but strictly speaking, these teams cannot be directly attributed to the favorites. However, these teams would have taken away points from the leading teams. Nevertheless, other teams would perform this role at this championship!

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