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Pre-match review of the round 4
miroshnichenko01Good afternoon everyone, here is my humble opinion on what we’re going to see in round 4.

China looks unstoppable so far after yesterday’s crushing win, so I would say Vietnam is going to need a lot of luck to prove the opposite.

Georgia vs. Russia. Both teams are quite upset with yesterday’s performance, so mental strength and a team spirit will be as important as chess skills in this match.

Armenia will have another tough day, facing well-performing India after yesterday’s disappointing match. Armenians desperately need two match points in order to hope for a positive final result, but I’m afraid Indian girls got their own opinion about that.

Turkey vs. RSA. South Africa fails to impress so far, so I expect an easy win for the home team. Just hope they wouldn’t be overexcited after yesterday’s sensational win.

And finally, Ukraine vs. Greece. Hope my compatriots learned their lesson well, in that case I would still declare them as favorites. Just take it serious, girls, don’t follow on the footsteps of Russia!

Stay with us during online transmission, and I believe surprises are not over yet!

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