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Pre-match review of the fifth round
miroshnichenko01That’s going to be the last round before free day, so everyone would like to celebrate the win instead of regretting the loss during their rest.

Russia versus China is no doubt a match of the day. Chinese are performing much more convincing so far, but of course it won’t be easy for them against Olympiad winners. An uncompromised battle expected!

After three consecutive loses Armenia plays Turkish team. “An easy game for Armenia” I would say before the tournament started, but each round makes me less and less convinced about that - Turkey plays quite a good tournament so far, and I bet they would like to continue to win!

Georgia is still in a mood to fight for a medal, so they’ll do their best to overtake Greece.

India is ready to lead the tournament if something goes wrong for Chinese, so in today’s match against Vietnam they’ll try hard to get another two points. However, Vietnamese will not give it away without the fight!

Ukraine of course is a huge favorite versus South Africa, so I’m almost hundred percent sure my compatriots will score second consecutive win.

Follow us online, that will be exciting!

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