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Pre-match review of the round 7
miroshnichenko02Welcome to the round 7 of the WWCC in Mardin. With only three rounds left every half a point becomes vital, so we can expect an uncompromised fight on every board. So, pairs for today are:

Armenia vs. Ukraine. Only the winner of this match will get a slight hope to fight for a bronze medal.

Vietnam vs. RSA. For Vietnamese that will be the last match in a favorite’s role, so they’ll try hard.
Russia vs. Turkey. A hard match for the home team. Russians will try their best to get at least bronze medal, and I’m sure they don’t have a plan to lose any points in this match on their agenda.

Greece vs. India. Keeping in mind yesterday’s fight against China I would not say Greece has no chance at all, but it seems clear India is a favorite.

Georgia vs. China. Chinese team didn’t lose any match points so far, so it’s a nice time for Georgians to show their spirit. Follow the games online and prepare to be surprised!
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