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Pre-match review Round 9
miroshnichenko02Welcome to the final round of WWCC in Mardin! Let’s check the pairing and see what we should expect this morning:

Ukraine versus Vietnam needs to win as many games as possible to secure 4th place and to hope to step on pedestal if something goes wrong for India or Russia, and the same applies to Georgia, who faces Turkey. An interesting detail - in the third round Vietnam won against Georgia and Turkey won against Ukraine, which means both matches won’t be a piece of cake for the favorites.

Russia vs. Armenia. Russians had improved their standing a lot but still only a win in this match going to bring them silver medal for sure. On the other hand a win for Armenian team means place in the upper half of the final cross table.

Greek team will do their best against South Africa for a chance to escape penultimate place and overtake Turkey.

And last but not least - China versus India. China has got nothing to lose as they are already champions, but I think they will be strongly motivated to take the revenge after yesterday’s loss. At the same time India needs a draw to secure third place and a victory to hope for more.

As we’ve seen every team has got it’s own motivation, so this last round can hardly be called a formality. Follow the games online, and I hope you’ll enjoy the atmosphere of the final round!

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