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CHINA – 1st, RUSSIA – 2nd, GEORGIA – 3rd

The ultimate round of the WWTC was full of fighting.

Only Russia secured medals by making quick match draw with Armenia.

The most dramatic encounter was China – India. Three games ended in draws and Zhao Xue overplayed Tania Sachdev in a complicated game on the third board.

Because of this result, India lost the medals of any kind, Russia became silver medalist and Georgia, that took an upper hand on Turkey 3-1, became bronze winner.

Another candidate for bronze was Ukraine but this team could not win against Vietnam and thus, shared the 4th rank with India.

Greece crushed RSA 4-0 to finish 8th.


Final Standings:

1. China – 16;

2. Russia – 13;

3. Georgia – 12;

4-5. India, Ukraine – 11;

6-7. Armenia, Vietnam – 9;

8. Greece – 5;

9. Turkey – 4;

10. RSA – 0.

Pictures of the round

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