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Pre-match review of the round 2
miroshnichenko01I’m glad to welcome you to the round two of WWCT. Today’s round I expect to be less predictable compared to the previous one, so let us just check the paring briefly :

Ukraine vs. Russia is going to be an epic fight with Russians being slight favorites I would say.

Greece against Vietnam - even chances for both teams if Greece is going to play with the best line-up they’ve got.

Georgia vs. Armenia is another pretty close match. Georgia is higher rated, but we know already what “Armenian team-spirit” means, so I don’t expect a comfortable win for Georgians and rather would say - that will be unclear till the last move of the last game.
Best games of round 1
analyses round1 previewIn the Analyses Corner you can find the analyses of the best games of Round 1 provided by grandmaster Eugeny Miroshnichenko.
Four teams in the lead after Round 1
round1 previewThe first round of the WWTC appeared to be not an easy one for the favorites. A clear rating favorite in the match, China could overcome the ambitious Turkish squad only by a least margin. Kubra Ozturk on the second board took an upper hand on Zhao Xue and the first board game Betul Cemre Yildiz vs. Ju Wenjun ended in a draw. Chine managed to win the match only due to the victories on the lower boards.

The closest battle by rating was the Ukraine – India match. Here the teams exchanged the punches – Humpy Koneru won against Anna Ushenina on the first board and Rout Padmini lost to Natalia Zhukova on the last. Hard fought draw.
Press-conference of Mardin, TCF and FIDE officials
press-conf previewAfter the start of the first round of the WWTC, the journalists moved to the press-center to join the press-conference of the President of TCF Ali Nihat Yazici, FIDE Continental President for Africa Lakhdar Mazouz, the Governor of Mardin Turhan Ayvaz, the Mayor of Mardin Mehmet Beşir Ayanoğlu, the Deputy of Mardin Gönül Bekin Şahkulubey.

The Deputy of Mardin Gônül Bekin Şahkulubey expressed the will of the Mardin officials to organize other huge chess International events in the city and pointed that this is the first International sport event ever organized in Mardin.
Flowers for every player at the opening ceremony!
opening previewThe opening ceremony of the World Women’s Team Chess Championships took place half an hour before the start of the first game in the playing hall in “Erdoba Elegance” hotel, where the teams stay and compete.

The President of Turkish chess federation Ali Nihat Yazici, the Governor of Mardin Turhan Ayvaz, the Mayor of Mardin Mehmet Beşir Ayanoğlu, the Deputy of Mardin Gönül Bekin Şahkulubey and other officials held the speeches on the opening ceremony welcoming the participants to the hospitable area of Mardin.

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