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Round 3: “Black Monday” for the most favorites
round3 previewOn 19 October 1987 the largest one-day percentage decline in recorded stock market history happened. This day is referred to as “Black Monday” since. Today at WWTC the actions of the favorite teams dropped, too. Can we call it "Black Tuesday" now?

Georgia lost to Vietnam 1-3 as Lela Javakhishvili on the second board gave it up to Hoang Thi Bao Tram and Nino Khurtsidze lost to Hoang Thi Nhu Y on the fourth board. The encounters on the first and third boards ended in draws.
The head of Russian delegation: Organization is at a very high level
strutinskayaGalina Strutinskaya, the head of Russian delegation, world chess champion among veterans, answered Anna Burtasova a few questions about the championship.

Galina Nikolaevna, you have been to many world women’s team championships. How do you rate the organization of the championship in Mardin?

Organization is at a very high level. The first two championships in Yekaterinburg and Ninbo were conducted very well, and I can say that this level is maintained here in Mardin. Russians have not faced any problems, and we see that the organizers are working very hard. Someone might think that this was a troubled region, but the event goes without any problems!
Best games of round 2
analyses2 previewIn the Analyses Corner you can find the analyses of the best games of Round 2 provided by grandmaster Eugeny Miroshnichenko.

You will find commented encounters of WGM Tan vs. WIM Frick, WGM Hoang vs. WGM Makropoulou, GM Dzagnidze vs. GM Danielian and other games!
Pre-match review of the round 3
miroshnichenko01Welcome to the third round! It’s going to be tense today!

Turkey is playing Ukraine. Both teams could be disappointed with yesterday’s result, so it’s time to show a fighting spirit. Ukraine looks clear favorite, but if something goes wrong for them - who knows, maybe Turkey will score first match points today.

Russia is going to try hard against Greece in order to squeeze as much board points as they can.

Vietnam vs. Georgia - that would not be that easy for the leaders, Vietnamese already showed us they can be really dangerous.
2nd round narrowed the leading teams to 3
round02 previewOne of the central matches of the second round was the encounter between Russia and Ukraine. After the start of the match, the result was not easy to predict due to the fights on all the boards. Deeper in the game Russia got an overall advantage that transformed first into the win of Valentina Gunina over Tatjana Vasilevich. The victory was secured by Tatiana Kosinseva who took an upper hand over Maria Muzychuk. The games between Anna Ushenina and Nadezhda Kosintseva on the first board and Natalia Zhukova and Alexandra Kosteniuk on the third board were drawn for Russia to win 3-1 and remain in the lead.
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